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What’s Your Pizza Secret? (only 2 more posts to go…)

From Claus Meyers recipeYesterday T worked up a really smooth and stretchy pizza dough from a recipe by Claus Meyer. For a pizza that we were having tonight that is. Of course this early preparation really set off our hunger prematurely and watching the little rolls of dough slowly rising in the fridge didn’t help much. So when we finally made four different pizzas a few hours ago, we were more than just regularly excited. We were set for disappointment…

Though the dough was very easy to stretch out and the pizza stone was practically fuming, the result was just “meh”. As thin and crispy as the “Margherita” above looked, it just didn’t hit the mark. And it’s not like we haven’t made pizzas before – the results just seem subject to the whims of our pizza stone and the alignment of the stars. And so I turn to you, my wise readers (yes I’m buttering you up):

Do you have any advice for a foodie who desperately wants to learn the art of pizza making? 

Is the secret in the order in which you layer the pizza (“tomato sauce, filling and cheese” or “sauce, cheese and then filling”)?

Do you prebake the pizza base?

Is it better to put less filling on it before it goes in the oven?

Is my only option to buy a real pizza oven complete with a heavily gesticulating chef who keeps on slapping his lazy sidekick Luigi?

Tell me everything and I’ll (just about) do it!