The Recipe for Zucchini alla Carbonara

Ever since leaving out the recipe for Jamie Oliver’s zucchini alla carbonara in my 20th August post, a nasty guilt has been nagging me like crazy. So I finally found a link for the recipe , which was soon removed from Jamie’s site. Luckily I had copied it to my computer before posting
the link so here goes the text that was conscientiously jotted down during “Jamie at Home” by “the bikeman”:

I have posted this recipe on another thread, but justin case you have problems finding them, I havetranscribed the recipe below. 4oD is great, I downloaded the episode and took notes, pausing Jamie in mid stream. Bon appetit. The bikeman.

Zucchini alla Carbonara – Jamie at Home; Episode 2
The recipe is for 2 very generous portions
5 slices of Pancetta or thickly cut bacon – chunkilysliced
200 gm of Penne
4 small courgettes (2 yellow if you can get them).
Lemon Thyme
Mottled Thyme
Ground Pepper
Olive Oil
Parmesan cheese, grated
2 Egg yolks (one egg yolk per person)
50ml Full Cream (25ml per person)

Splash olive oil in the pan, drop in thePancetta/bacon and let the fat render out. Toss it every now and then. Whilst the Pancetta is cooking put the Penne into a pan of boiling water and season with salt. Cut the courgettes into quarters lengthways and then remove the seed core (the bit that is in the middle of the courgette). Then slice the courgette at an angle.The pieces should resemble the Penne when cut. Add the sliced courgette when the Pancetta has gone golden and crisp. Give it all a good toss (if you’re able to like Jamie, but for mere mortals a spatula would do equally), add a large pinch of pepper and then the Thyme.

Toss and then leave to cook whilst making the Carbonara sauce. Put the two egg yolks in a bowl and then the cream. Add a large handful of freshly grated Parmesan. Mix using a spoon. Now drain the pasta and pour straight onto the courgette/pancetta and toss. Allow to cool a little before pouring in the Carbonara sauce, toss (or mix) continuously whilst pouring. (Wait for the frying sound to subside, failing to wait will mean the eggs cooking, making it look like scrambled eggs!). Spoon some water from your pasta water, again tossing, to get a silky sauce, perfectly covering the pasta. Garnish with fresh thyme and then a glug of olive oil and serve on a large plate.
Happy Days!