The Mad Woman in the Pantry

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be the perfect outlet for my daily ramblings about food. Among friends I am known for talking with borderline crazy enthusiasm about everything from heartwarming red wine stews to fluffy mousses that evaporate all too soon from the tongue. But sadly, I have found it quite difficult translating this particular language into an equally powerful text. Maybe there just aren’t any satisfying written substitutes for those wild gesticulations and that certain twinkle of excitement in the eyes…?

Or am I really more like Miranda in “Sex & the City” (sorry if I’m losing you with this one, guys!), in that episode where she suddenly learns to talk fluent dirty after a rather hesitant start? I sense a breakthrough around the corner… Anyway, today’s slightly unfocused photo depicts the brilliant Danish invention: The Sarah Bernhardt cake. According to my favourite food magazine Mad & Venner (March 2007), it was made by a Danish pâtissier for the famous actress’ visit to Copenhagen in 1911. Since then, this beautiful combination of the crunchy-chewy macaroon and the luxurious chocolate truffle dipped in pure chocolate, has graced many a coffee table. These particular Sarah Bernhardts were made on commission for a confirmation in May – with the added twist of fresh lime juice and lemon zest on top to spice up the truffle. Must admit though, that I had to buy the macaroons, because the recipe (or yours truly) seemed faulty somehow.