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The Hidden Benefits of Climate Change

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Ho ho hoo, just look what Santa Claus brought us the other day! The greatest little box of goodies with some nice old school graphic details on the cover. Just opening the box and smelling the colourful chocolate rings sent me smack right back to my childhood. Not that we had any of these “Tannenbaumkränze” back then, but similar little chocolate buttons covered in coloured sprinklings. By the way, when I said Santa Claus, I might have lied a little. It was actually our climate activist (the committed and not-crazy kind) guest Liv from Germany, who is staying with us during the last week of COP15 (the  so far pretty unsuccesful UN climate change conference that is being held here in Copenhagen). I sure don’t hope this pretty present is all the good that will come from rounding up Schwarzenegger and other important heads of state in Denmark. But until we know for sure – enjoy the Christmas-y feeling it exudes. That and the thick white snow on this website and in the streets of Copenhagen.