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7 Jan 2015

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Chocolate Covered Vanilla Marshmallows


Look at this beauty. Soft vanilla marshmallow and a crackling chocolate surface. Can you tell I was satisfied with the result? And that I have decided to praise myself more on this blog? Anyhoot, I’ve raved about marshy things before here, so I won’t bore you with the details. I’ll just let you know that I used this recipe from the blog, which is a slightly adapted version of this original recipe from Foodbeam. The special touch here is the vanilla, which you can just make out amidst the white softness of the interior. As far as I am concerned, it was the main ingredient that I wanted to showcase here. Here’s the story behind it…

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2 Jun 2011

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Danish Delights: Rødgrød med fløde [roygroy ma flyrr]

I must be the last person in Denmark, who hasn’t understood that we live in dangerous times. While I was in Utrecht last week, there had been some cases of killer cucumbers in Germany (infested with e-coli bacteria) which made every single vegetable and piece of fruit coming from either Germany or Spain (that part I didn’t quite catch) seem very ominous. Suddenly all of our good intentions concerning a proper green-filled diet had been turned into a game of Russian roulette.

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4 May 2011

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Recipe Tryout: Power Bars from 101 Cookbooks

Okay, so the latest trick to get me back into the posting game is to allow me a maximum of 15 mins. to do it. So here goes some serious speed-posting:

Do you ever get those after-lunch sugar cravings? Well, this is the cure. I made a relaxed reinterpretation of the recipe from 101 Cookbooks, by converting it to decilitres, adding a few touches of my own but basically keeping the proportions of sugar/syrup and muesli filling intact. Here goes:

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30 Nov 2010

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Prunes in Red Wine Syrup

Are you ready for the first post-Australia Australia-post? Well it’s here, so get down with it. Prunes in red wine syrup coming atcha!

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5 Sep 2010

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Vanilla and Raspberry Marshmallows

Sometimes inspiration moves in mysterious ways and at other times it’s painfully obvious. In this case I went to the food festival EAT 2010 in Øksnehallen, where I caught Thomas Parry (the head pastry chef at Hotel d’Angleterre)  demonstrating some of his mad cooking skills. Among the many delicious things he guided his sugar-hungry audience through were some raspberry flavoured marshmallows. So I went home and pulled out ye olde Foodbeam recipe. The only changes needed were to remove one of the vanilla beans and to add a deciliter of mashed and deseeded raspberries after the gelatine. (But don’t forget to use pasteurised egg whites if you’re in Denmark). The result was a whole batch of fluffy and bouncy marshmallows with a delicate yet distinct raspberry and vanilla flavour. Nice! And the cocoa nibs on top added a nice dry chocolate twist to the classic. That and it made me feel even closer to Thomas. Do you think he would mind it if I called him Tom Tom?

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10 Aug 2010

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Marbled Cake (only 1 more post to go!)

Last night I had my little half-sister over for some baking and Kung-Fu Panda-watching. In keeping with the black and white theme, she wanted to make a marbled cake and brought a recipe. And now I have the perfect kiddie-cake for you to try. It’s dead easy and different enough for the adult to be entertained too. Well, it probably also helped that we did the baking in the roles of Eric, the brutish male baker and Connie, the annoying customer who kept asking if the cake was done yet. 

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