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8 Feb 2010

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Raspberry-Chocolate-Coconut Muffins

Anyone who has ever read a recipe in a women’s magazine would probably recognize the expression “great for when you have unexpected guests dropping by” but I’m not going to perpetuate that illusion. I’m pretty sure the mobile revolution has killed off that kind of spontaneity a long time ago. Anyway, this little delicious number is an adapted version of one such recipe and it usually comes in handy in the morning when I feel like bringing a cake to work or when I’m struck by a sudden craving. In other words: It’s damn easy and fast.

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2 Nov 2009

Posts tagged with raspberries

Danish Delights: Flødeboller

This is NOT a 10 minute treat. Not by a longshot. But oh my G does it hit the spot after 2-3 hours of messing about in the kitchen. While it may not be a beginner’s recipe, it’s not as hard as one might think. The only problem is the chocolate, but come on, when has chocolate ever really been a problem?

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