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8 Sep 2010

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Fruit Leather – for Eating, not for Seating

This is a real mind-blower. With very little effort I’ve transformed two large apples and a plum into something weird and wonderful: Fruit leather. It’s a concept I was first introduced to a few weeks ago on one of my favourite food shows “River Cottage: Winter’s On The Way”, a Channel 4 programme that made its way to Danish television. And thank someone upstairs for that. It’s packed with great ideas for finding and cooking locally grown and cheap produce. But more about that in another post I have planned for you. Today is leather day!

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8 Oct 2007

Posts tagged with plums

Pizza with a Twist

I already introduced you to my thin-crusted pizza during a nervous rambling in an earlier post (July 21st). However, this time I won’t get myself all wound up, honest.

Only thing I want to say is, it tasted damn fine with serrano ham, plums and feta cheese too! An additional trick is to use the slow-cooked tomato preserve, I introduced in the post from August 30th as a base on the crust.

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