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14 Sep 2010

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Hunting Greens in Dyrehaven

Admittedly these two pictures aren’t related in the way A & B or McDonald’s & self-loathing are, but still. They’re both results of yet another great episode of River Cottage, where Hugh Fearnley and his buddies went around their shire (or something else British) to gather goods for their dinner. Among other finds, they returned with some humongous oysters and a large bag of nettles that ended up in a pasta. Hence picture no. 2 above. That’s the result of our own little hunting trip in Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen about three weeks ago.

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20 Aug 2007

Posts tagged with pasta

Day Two: Pulling a Copy-Cat

Though I quite like Jamie Oliver and his whole rescue action towards the pasty English youth raised on baked beans, I’ve never really used any of his recipes. But somehow, today wasdifferent. I had seen him doing this irresistible zucchini alla carbonara on telly the other day and I simply had to try it. This is how it turned out. After having followed my own notes from tv, I finally found the recipe on the web – only to discover that it’s someone else’s tv-notes. See recipe above under the post: “Recipe for Zucchini alla Carbonara” from September 5th.

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