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25 Jan 2010

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New Year’s Eve 2009

Okay, so I’ve had this amazing New Year’s post planned for quite some time now where I finally give you the recipe for the traditional Danish New Year’s kage “Kransekage” (above left and partly on the right too) that I’ve shown you only in the shape of a picture for the last two years. But then January happened and I’ve done nothing about it so far. That’s why I’m giving you, my supposed readers, the chance to interact and change the course of history.

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5 Jan 2009

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This Year’s Model (well, last year’s, really)

Just to show you how a “kransekage” looks, when it hasn’t been on the floor…(compare to previous New Year’s eve-post here).

And while I’m at it: Happy New Year and welcome to 2009! Hopefully it’ll be a year filled with heavenly mouthfuls.

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6 Feb 2008

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What a Blast!

After having toiled over this architectural masterpiece of a “kransekage” (traditional Danish marzipan cake for new year’s) I applied the icing with slapdash precision and rushed off.

On the metro I nearly strained an unmentionable muscle or two trying to rescue the sucker from certain doom. Lo and behold if it didn’t make it in one piece to the party only to be knocked off the table shortly before this picture was taken.

At least now I know why we chose to make these sturdy fellows for an alcohol infested evening such as this… Happy new year people!

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