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9 Nov 2012

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Flødeboller part 50.000 (or III, but who’s counting?)

Susceptible to flattery as I am, a recent comment on my old flødebolle-post here made me very happy. And also very hungry for flødeboller. So I decided to talk you through a four-round match of Heidi vs. Flødebollen. Take a ringside seat and keep a towel handy as there might be some chocolate staining ahead:

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22 Jun 2010

Posts tagged with marcipan

Danish Delights: Kransekage (only 4 more posts to go)

Whenever I categorise a post as a “Danish Delight”, it’s more of an intuitive thing than an actual proven fact. It’s just this feeling that these recipes have something very Danish about them and that they are rarely seen in other countries (but maybe not “never”, seeing as I haven’t been to every single bakery in the world). On top of that there are the endless traditions and memories attached to the enjoyment of these delights. Such as this “Kransekage”, that I have written about before here, only in the more festive New Year’s Eve version (it’s all in the fancy shape).

As you can see from the three posts in the link, I have never fully mastered the art of the perfect icing, but when I saw the Danish tv-show called “Det søde liv“, I had to give it another go. Now, if you look at the icing, it’s almost uncannily white and incandescent. Toothpaste couldn’t have made a whiter result and it’s all in one tiny detail: The beating.

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