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18 Apr 2010

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Recipe Tryout: Chocolate Puddle Cookies from 101 Cookbooks

Ahh Sunday. With the laziness and the stained sweat pants and the greasy hair stowed away in a knot. Gotta love it. That and the fact that you actually have time to fool around in the kitchen (not with your sex partner but with a spatula. Sorry, just realised that it might be potato-potaaartow to some people…), anyway, found this amazing looking but not quite as sexy sounding recipe on one of my favourite foodie blogs called 101 Cookbooks (maybe it’s a tiny bit because the blogger is also called Heidi).

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25 Jan 2010

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New Year’s Eve 2009

Okay, so I’ve had this amazing New Year’s post planned for quite some time now where I finally give you the recipe for the traditional Danish New Year’s kage “Kransekage” (above left and partly on the right too) that I’ve shown you only in the shape of a picture for the last two years. But then January happened and I’ve done nothing about it so far. That’s why I’m giving you, my supposed readers, the chance to interact and change the course of history.

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