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10 Sep 2013

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Bitches Brew (a flu-be-gone drinkable miracle)

Bitches BrewI’m in fairly good shape health wise (touch wood), but I am just as susceptible to a cold or the flu as the next guy. And let’s admit it, when do we ever have the time to just lie down and blow our brains into paper tissues for a few days? Never! Especially not while finishing your Ph.D.-thesis, ahem… While I sometimes kind of enjoy yielding to my body’s need for the foetal position, I have recently discovered the joys of fighting it. Now that I’ve also developed the Bitches Brew, it has become just a little bit easier. It’s a seriously strong ready-to-drink-lemonade containing the sweetness and punch of honey, vanilla, lemon, and ginger. Cheers!

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9 Nov 2012

Posts tagged with honey

Flødeboller part 50.000 (or III, but who’s counting?)

Susceptible to flattery as I am, a recent comment on my old flødebolle-post here made me very happy. And also very hungry for flødeboller. So I decided to talk you through a four-round match of Heidi vs. Flødebollen. Take a ringside seat and keep a towel handy as there might be some chocolate staining ahead:

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