9 Nov 2012

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Flødeboller part 50.000 (or III, but who’s counting?)

Susceptible to flattery as I am, a recent comment on my old flødebolle-post here made me very happy. And also very hungry for flødeboller. So I decided to talk you through a four-round match of Heidi vs. Flødebollen. Take a ringside seat and keep a towel handy as there might be some chocolate staining ahead:

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28 Jul 2010

Posts tagged with flødeboller

Customer Relations in the Food Industry (only 3 more posts to go)

Reading this entry called “Pølsesnak” about Løgismose Udvalgt (a Danish gourmet-brand-turned-mainstream), I started thinking about customer relations in the food industry. And two recent incidents made me want to finally share my observations with you.

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