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Dried apple rings recipe | Velbekomme

5 Nov 2012

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Dried Apple Rings

In the realm of parenting, there is one phenomenon I’ve always found very repulsive: The concept of “healthy candy” or “sundt slik” in Danish. It’s one of those oxymorons that should never have been allowed into existence. While I appreciate parents’ attempt to sneak something nutricious under their son’s or daughter’s radar, it’s just too sacrilegious to glue a word of wonder to one that is essentially a word of horror to a child. And who are you kidding anyway? Have you ever known a child in their right mind entering a room without instantly scanning it for sweets? Whose ears aren’t fine-tuned to the sound of crackling candy paper even if it unfolds on a different floor of the building? I know the kind as that used to be me (and still is to a certain extent). So why parents think they can fool their children through mere semantics is beyond my comprehension. It’s like expecting 007 to be fooled by the hat-and-blue-glasses-disguise.

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