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2 Jun 2011

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Danish Delights: Rødgrød med fløde [roygroy ma flyrr]

I must be the last person in Denmark, who hasn’t understood that we live in dangerous times. While I was in Utrecht last week, there had been some cases of killer cucumbers in Germany (infested with e-coli bacteria) which made every single vegetable and piece of fruit coming from either Germany or Spain (that part I didn’t quite catch) seem very ominous. Suddenly all of our good intentions concerning a proper green-filled diet had been turned into a game of Russian roulette.

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3 Jun 2010

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Hazelnut and Chocolate Truffle Tartlet

Okay, it seems it’s going to be another post about another tart. But what a tart! Imagine the flavour of roasted hazelnuts and creamy chocolate truffle in one crunchy bite. Not bad eigh? And for once, the recipe’s a real no brainer.

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7 Mar 2010

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Swedish Ginger & Lemon Toffee

Hello honeyz! It’s Sunday night at the lazy mansion and I want to tell you about last week’s treat for the knitting club (yes, I am 80 years old and need to start wearing a diaper). I had two friends over for a knitting session and made some toffee from a Swedish recipe book called “Julgodis” (~Christmas candy, a book by Johanna Westman about whom I know absolutely nothing, but seeing as you have a computer too you can do me the honour of googling her yourself, lazykins). It contains a lot of very accessible recipes for hard caramel, soft toffee and all sorts of chocolates. Very tempting stuff. Here’s a combination of two recipes of hers, or rather one roughly translated lemon toffee recipe with a bit of ginger. It’s dead easy. Hell, I think you can have it done by the time a new X-Factor contestant is voted off the island. And then you get to sit there and gloat while enjoying the lemony-gingery butterness of the softest toffee you’ve ever had.

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