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29 Jun 2012

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The Wedding Cake Challenge of the Century


Ready to get started.

Bryllup_9Bryllup_1Bryllup_6Bryllup_7Cake on day 2 - tasted even better.Bryllup_5

Six months ago, my brother approached me with a solemn wish: Would I make a cake for his summer wedding in Stockholm? Not THE three-tiered wedding cake monster, but something for coffee after dessert? Both flattered and excited I said yes and started plotting right away: What should I make? Sponge, meringue, choux, tart, mousse? Chocolate, berries, nuts, or what? But then I realised the amount of obstacles reducing my options and everything changed….

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25 Jan 2012

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Recipe Tryout: Lorraine Pascale’s Lemon and Blueberry Millefeuille

This Saturday we invited a couple of friends over for dinner and some silly-time. It was a great excuse to go mad in the kitchen and so we skipped our fancy plans of museums and bicycle browsing in favor of shopping and cooking. Just my kind of Saturday.

First thing I did was to go through the folder of recipes I compiled during my recent months of BBC iPlayer-addiction. Luckily I found Lorraine Pascale’s lemon and blueberry millefeuille: Flaky caramelised puff pastry gently sandwiching vanilla cream, lemon and blueberry.

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2 Jun 2011

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Danish Delights: Rødgrød med fløde [roygroy ma flyrr]

I must be the last person in Denmark, who hasn’t understood that we live in dangerous times. While I was in Utrecht last week, there had been some cases of killer cucumbers in Germany (infested with e-coli bacteria) which made every single vegetable and piece of fruit coming from either Germany or Spain (that part I didn’t quite catch) seem very ominous. Suddenly all of our good intentions concerning a proper green-filled diet had been turned into a game of Russian roulette.

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22 Jul 2009

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Blueberry Everything (& a French Lemon Tart)

I love blueberries! It might not be much of a revelation to you but to me it’s right up there with trying chocolate for the first time. In the past, blueberries have just seemed to be this bland thing only Americans could rave about. But now, I’ve prodly joined the clan. Blueberries are cute, fairy tale like and have a really soothing, subtle and happyfying taste. And I only just found out. Sorry Americans – you were right all along.
It all started last weekend…

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