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Romkugler – The Reincarnation of Cake

Looking at my recent posts I realised I have a thing for circles. And the number three. So I just wanted to take a minute to assure you that I’m not pushing any subliminal Christian (or heathen for that matter) message. I just have a very limited aesthetic scope and that’s why I seem to end up with similar photographs no matter what I’m trying to capture. With my self-taught and lazy approach to photography and styling, if it can’t be done in 5 mins, I can’t be bothered. This means that most of my savoury dishes are left out of the blog, as I simply can’t make them look appetising enough. Same goes for side-shots of desserts or other things served in glasses. My camera lens always makes it look askew and I don’t have the technical patience to figure out how to fix it. So. If you’re in for the long-haul, expect to see more shots from above, which usually entails circles and threes. Such as in this one:

Today’s recipe is for romkugler (rhum balls) that I have also featured here, but back then it was without measurements. This time I jotted down the details while testing my way to the right taste and texture:

Romkugler (makes 15 balls of 30 grams each)

  • 275 g cake crumbs from cake leftovers (Danish pastry, cakes, cookies, biscuits – anything without too much moist filling)
  • 75 grams raspberry jam
  • 100 grams marzipan
  • 2-3 tbsp Stroh Rhum
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2-3 tsk dark, unsweetened cocoa
  • 50 grams chocolate
  • Sprinklings, nuts, coconut, cocoa nibs etc.

I know, I know. Who the hell has leftover cake? Well I do. And if you don’t you can always buy a mixture of different unspectacular cakes and cookies for the purpose. As I bake quite a lot more than I eat, I often end up with cake halves and cookies that have lost their oomph. So I collect them in a bag in my freezer and when I have enough, I take them out, defrost them and blend them into fine cake crumbs. This time I had the luxury of leftover brownies, chocolate cookies, lady finger bits (cut off to suit the sides of this cake) and a few Christmas cookies. In fact, I had so many crumbs that I only used half of the batch and left the rest to try and make a cheesecake type base for another thing sometime. At that point, I will probably melt some butter (100 grams?) to mix with the crumbs, press them into shape in a cake tin and bake until crusty. Anyway, with the romkugler, add the other ingredients to the crumbs (jam, marzipan, rhum, salt and cocoa), knead it together and roll it into a roll. Then slice it into 15 bits of 30 grams each and roll them into individual balls.

Finally, melt the chocolate and dip each ball into it individually and roll them in the sprinklings. This is the crumbly and hard-ish type of romkugler, but feel free to add more jam, rhum or marzipan to moisten them if you prefer.