Recipe tryout

Recipe Tryout: Cheese Straws from Smitten Kitchen

Behold: The latest recipe tryout from another food site: Cheese Straws from Smitten Kitchen.
With this one I have nothing else to say than: Why aren’t you trying it already? It’s got cheese, it’s a finger food and it’s dead easy to make. Go here for the recipe (and to compare our photos).
I would like to mention that the inclusion of the red pepper flakes seems a bit superfluous as they don’t really stand a chance against the strong flavour of the cheddar. Instead I would opt for some oregano and garlic to spice things up and give the straws a more colourful appearance. Or I would split the dough in two or three batches with each their flavour. One with chili flakes, another with oregano and garlic and yet another with sesame seeds. And as we speak I’m in the middle of a tiny experiment with the dough. I’m waiting to see if it can stand waiting for a week or two in the freezer before being baked. If so, it would make it even more suited for parties. I’ll get back to you with the result.