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Recipe Tryout: Vichyssoise Soup from BBC Food

Hello everybody, this is Silas Bo talking. I’ve been invited to do a post on whatever came to mind as long as it was food-related. Well, first thing that came a-knocking was soup. Since poor Heidi has been under the mutilating care of a dentist everything is now liquified in one way or another. And where should one go from there but into the wonderful world of soups? (mind your footwear, mmmkay?). One favourite is the French Vichyssoise, which is fancy talk for leak and potato soup. But be aware of the recipe you have to stick pretty darn close to the numbers or you won’t get that almost cheese-like flavour that comes from the leaks and the rather large amount of butter. We tried this soup in the delightful surroundings of Krapperup Slot in the southern part of Sweden and need we say that it has been on the repertoire ever since. The recipe is from the bottomless archives of BBC-food. Get it right here.