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Parsnip Soufflé – Yay!

Why hello autumn – who the hell invited you here? I for sure am not ready to greet you and your earthy colours welcome just yet. Although that’s not very PC, I know. We’re all supposed to be “can’t-wait-to-go-for-long-walks-wearing-my-perfect-vintage-sweater”. Nope, not quite there yet. I’m still in total denial of the fact that there’ll be no more strawberry-picking for little old me this year. But seeing as it IS an inevitable fact, we’d better get the most out of it, right? That’s why I think it’s time for some parsnip soufflé.

After visiting a local French-Italian restaurant (Romarin in Ryesgade) several years back, I couldn’t stop thinking about this side dish we had with our rustic meat-serving. It was a soufflé with a slightly sweet and nutty taste that I first ascribed to cardamom. But no, it was just the yummy parsnip talking. I googled around and found this recipe on the website for Burke’s Backyard (whatever that is – probably the gardening/back2basixx kind of programme) and now I’m sharing it with you. It’s very easy and with the measurements mentioned in the link, you’ll get around 10 little ramekins like the one pictured above. And the only recommendation I’d like to add is to use grated parmesan cheese for sprinkling on top. It really compliments the nuttyness.