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velbekomme - Part 2

20 Apr 2013

Lemon and Meringue Dessert

As fond as I am of innovation and progress in the kitchen, there are times when I’m just as pleased to rearrange a classic from the repertoire. A while back T and I went all in to dish up a three-course menu for my cousin and her husband. Since I remembered that she’s a fan of lemon curd and T is too, I thought I’d remix some old staples, inspired by a marvelous lemon-and-meringue-blob of a dessert we once had at Restaurant Marv & Ben. Well that and a dash of laziness. It was prepared in advance and only took about two showy minutes to plate (everyone loves the promising flame of a crème brûlée torch).

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5 Feb 2013

Salty Liquorice Toffee

Did you know there’s a liquorice festival in Copenhagen this weekend? That’s why I’ve decided to share my tips for perfectly salty and serious liquorice toffee – homemade of course.

Yes, yes. Back in the toffee grind again, I know. But I don’t hear any complaints – not that I’m hearing anything much as it’s 9:30pm and I’m sitting on my couch. The most pervasive sound is the chattering from the upstairs TV and somebody’s not very dainty footsteps on the wooden floor. But I’m drifting. Back to the toffee. Above is the result of quite a bit of testing and trying. Since getting the often mentioned “Julgodis” book by Johanna Westman, that opened my eyes anew to homemade toffee, I’ve tried to find a proper replacement for the hard-boiled liquorice candy that she uses as the main flavoring ingredient in her salty liquorice version. Call me stubborn, but I think there’s something backhanded in homemade candy containing hardcore industrial candy. And let’s not get into chocolate as a counter-example. I’ll have none of that, thank you very much.

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29 Jan 2013

Nougat de Montélimar – First Stab

So I have this list of kitchen challenges. Yes, one of those, and a thing that I’ve really been itching to try out is Nougat de Montélimar (“fransk nougat” in Danish). Waaay back in the ancient and vaseline-lensed days of my childhood, my mother would get these flat round tins of turrón/torrone from work, which is the Spanish/Italian version of what you can see above. Roasted almonds enveloped in a glossy, meringue-adjacent honey boil-up of chewy-hard deliciousness. Hell, anything that needs three hyphens for a description must be good, right? My fingers (“the old flippers” as my grandmother would have said) certainly made the trip to the candy plate about a gazillion times, when I served the first round of homemade nougat this Sunday.

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23 Nov 2012

Romkugler – The Reincarnation of Cake

Looking at my recent posts I realised I have a thing for circles. And the number three. So I just wanted to take a minute to assure you that I’m not pushing any subliminal Christian (or heathen for that matter) message.

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22 Nov 2012

Breakfast Returns

I realise the title sounds like a euphemism for food poisoning. But that’s not where I’m going with this. I’m just trying to show you how I bounced back from this marvelous breakfast served on the morning of my birthday.

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9 Nov 2012

Flødeboller part 50.000 (or III, but who’s counting?)

Susceptible to flattery as I am, a recent comment on my old flødebolle-post here made me very happy. And also very hungry for flødeboller. So I decided to talk you through a four-round match of Heidi vs. Flødebollen. Take a ringside seat and keep a towel handy as there might be some chocolate staining ahead:

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