Off to Join the Clan!

And the last post of today is just me saying: Tomorrow I’m off to a one-day symposium with 83 of my peers in foodblogging. I can’t wait to talk to like-minded people about this admittedly crazy addiction to details and tricks in the kitchen. The next time you’ll be hearing from me, I’ll probably be sitting in front row seat at Prada trying to type faster and cleavererererrr than my neighbour just in case he or she has found the same family of puns to work with. Wauw, sorry, that was my fashion blogger alter ego “Sexy in the City”. No me, I’ll just be hogging all of the goodie bags in the corner.

If you want to read more of this historic event (it really is!) – read on here (Danish):

http://www.madbloggersymposium.dk/ or to those brilliant people among you who’ve already noticed a new feature on the right column (hint: there’s a tomato on it) – it’s a link to the same website.