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New York – Man, Did I Take a Bite Out of That Apple!

Yes yes yes, it’s been ages since I went to New York but it took me some serious editing to cut my food experiences from one whole greedy week of eating into just one post. Suffice it to say that the pleasures of the palate were never-ending in that city and we pretty much tasted everything in sight. I was very surprised at the quality of the food – was afraid there would be sugar and grease all over the place (Just kidding there. Having read a LOT of “The Girl Who Ate Everything” my expectations were sky high and still, I was surprised). So here are a couple of the highlights:

Left: Flourless (just a guess) chocolate mini cake with mocha zabaglione at the cafe in MOMA.
Top right: Delicious coffee and the fluffiest French toast imaginable with ricotta cheese filling at the local coffee joint on 86 E 7th str. (East Village).
Bottom right: Home made Oreos at a free flea market in Brooklyn (a bit sweet for my taste).

Left: Heart of beef on toast with plenty of yummy rhubarb butter at Diner on 85 Broadway (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Generally a very very solid place for unpretentious and imaginative food that’s very reasonably priced. (We paid 75 $ for two people having each one beverage and two entrees (the English definition of the word meaning “a smaller dish to get you started” and not the Amercian meaning which seems to be “main course”). That was more than enough to make us want to roll over and fall into sweet post coital slumber.
Top right: Farfalle with huge ass mushrooms and ricotta drool on top also at Diner (see above).
Bottom right: Japanese snacks made from peas that have been moulded into the shape of green snow peas. Very tasty, but a small taste. A bit like edamame beans. We bought them at a great Japanese supermarket called Jas Mart. 35 St Marks Pl. (East Village). Wonderful stuff indeed! I also got a tin of matcha tea that I have yet to use but still, I can’t wait to make stuff turn green with it.