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Our Scandi Kitchen | Velbekomme

24 Jan 2012

Our Scandi Kitchen

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Since I’ve been back from London, I’ve been amazed at the effects of “the tourist vision” as I like to call it. You know, when you’ve been away from your country and have been regarding every phenomenon you encounter as part of a strange and wonderful culture and then suddenly you turn those goggles on your own life. Before the effect wears off completely, I want to share this view from our kitchen which I think looks rather Danish: Bicycles, bare brick buildings, quaint old courtyard and then the lampshade as something of a centre piece. Having read this short article in The Guardian on the lampshade fetishism in the Danish TV-series “Borgen” (currently airing on the BBC), it makes me chuckle how in line we are. Just one blonde chick short of the cliché.

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2 Responses to “Our Scandi Kitchen”

  1. Britti says:

    Darling, I truely want to pay you and T. and that lovely kitchen of yours a visit. Remember the beautiful biscuits we baked? By the way, we’ve got the same Krups-someting … knus from Munich

  2. Heidi says:

    Please do! And how could I forget our baking session and your lovely Russian (?) chocolate cake. You know you’re welcome anytime, Brittilein!

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