Just For Kicks

Okay, I guess it won’t hurt to reveal what I had for nibbles…
Teaming up with a 2002 Veuve Clicquot rosé were not one, but a whole selection of nibbles. In the front row: A mayonnaise-dip reminiscent of bearnaise (it contained tarragon), four boiled quail eggs in a custom made egg shaped jar (don’t worry, I didn’t pinch it), homemade potato chips with tomato powder, one deep fried onion ring and finally, the quirky bit: Caramellized popcorn.

The only minus was the fact that no sooner had I had a sip of my drink, but the maitre d’ said: “Don’t mean to rush you, but we have six courses to get through – please follow me…”.
I quickly tried one of each treat, grabbed my drink and left the rest behind (notice how the appetizer still shows on the photo from my dinner table). Must admit that I don’t quite get the fuss about quail eggs though. As much as I looove quails on their own, I find that their eggs are really just tiny, although very pretty, eggs.

And the onion ring although very tasty was actually a bit funny. I guess the whole array was their take on popular culture, which wasn’t a bad idea at all.

And on another gourmet note I’d better not even get started on black truffles. What’s with the much ado about that ingredient? As far as I have tasted, it has a very delicate (meaning hardly noticeable) flavour vaguely resembling an unripe and green hazelnut fresh from the shell. By all means, that’s a nice flavour and all, but for that price, I don’t really think it’s worth it. How about you? If you think I’m an unbearable ignoramus, please let me have it – while you are at it – let me in on the brotherhood-of-the-black-truffle secrets, please.