Julie & Julia

(Our real life movie tickets, yup. Just so you know, I was in seat no. 7.)

Contrary to popular belief, I do, on occasion venture out of my kitchen. So last Sunday, I and my flour-dusted hair took T to the local movie theatre. Luckily we went to see Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. The two main characters Julie and Julia discover the eternal truth that cooking is the most rewarding pastime ever. Though I’m not a weeping fan, I think Streep was really great in the role of Julia Child, the saga queen of the cooking revolution in post war America and author of the cooking bible “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. Not that I knew her before I saw this movie, but she was a real character and it seems that Streep really nailed her, so to speak. There might just be an Oscar in it for her. As for Amy Adams, she plays a young blogger in post-9/11 New York who decides to cook her way through said bible in just one year. It was very eery that Hollywood had managed to churn out something that I could actually relate to to that extent. I mean, a woman around thirty starts a blog with the help of her lovely husband, writes about cooking and experiences its therapeutic forces on a daily basis. Hello! That’s me! The only hang up I have was the very very annoying way Amy Adams’ character Julie’s husband chewed his food. I just couldn’t watch it. His mouth was all over the place. I’m sure it was just actor Chris Messina’s way of portraying that elusive experience of drool and yum in a manner befitting the movies. But me did not like. Anyway, it’s a real heart warmer and that’s not something I would usually be caught dead saying (as if that makes any sense at all). What are you still doing here? Go catch it before it’s gone like the butter on Julia Child’s frying pan.