25 Jun 2011

Toasted Coconut Marshmallows: Sweets with an Aussie Twist

I love flødeboller, I love chocolate mousse, I looove chocolate macaroons. Basically I just love anything that requires beating egg whites. That’s one of the reasons I can’t get enough of making marshmallows. Another reason is that I have finally figured out why my last couple of batches turned moist and sticky in no time: I left out the 24 hours of air-drying. Silly billy! Now that I know, I just had to make my own version of a brilliant sweet I tried in Tasmania last October: The Toasted Coconut Marshmallow.

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4 Mar 2010

Recipe Tryout: Chocolate Macaroons from Cannelle et Vanille

Whenever I’m travelling, this blog works as my cookbook. So imagine my surprise when I wanted to suggest a nice chocolate recipe for my niece’s baptism in Stockholm and I couldn’t find one single chocolate recipe here! And it’s not like I haven’t been yapping on about the endless pleasures of the cocoa persuasion, but somehow I’ve managed to avoid actually putting that into action. So sorry! Luckily I’ve found just the right recipe to make amends with on a very pretty sister blog called Cannelle et Vanille: French Chocolate Macaroons.

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