Hunting Greens in Dyrehaven

Admittedly these two pictures aren’t related in the way A & B or McDonald’s & self-loathing are, but still. They’re both results of yet another great episode of River Cottage, where Hugh Fearnley and his buddies went around their shire (or something else British) to gather goods for their dinner. Among other finds, they returned with some humongous oysters and a large bag of nettles that ended up in a pasta. Hence picture no. 2 above. That’s the result of our own little hunting trip in Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen about three weeks ago.

There we found a couple of mushrooms, some nettles and some mint. For the pasta we used an old Jamie Oliver recipe and just replaced the spinach with nettles. It took a lot of work wearing gloves, picking the prickly leaves from the nasty stems, boiling them for about 3 mins and trying to mash the stubborn growth with my silly little blender. And somehow, even though the pasta looked nice and tasted nice, the only real nettle-y character it had was a tiny sting to the tongue. Ungrateful little pests! Or maybe next time I’ll have to stick to the young plants and not the sinewy old guys I found.

Even though the pasta was just average flavour-wise, it gave us both an immense pleasure to have found and used something so unwelcoming for our dinner. That and I realised that there were A LOT of wild mint-plants growing there. I picked half a shopping bag and converted the spicy leaves into syrup, some of it into ice-cream and the rest landed head first in a mojito. So did yours truly;-)