Honeydew Melon Cocktail

Do you ever use a melon-baller? Well I do. It’s this fantastic thingamajig that makes the most pleasing little balls for your salad. The best thing is that you release whatever you’re carving from its original shape and render it open to reinterpretation – to the extent that when I served a melon/cucumber ball salad with chopped coriander last Friday, someone thought I had discovered a freakishly round kind of miniature potato. Anyhoot, the bad thing is, that you only get 20 odd balls from one whole melon (in this case a honeydew melon), leaving you with a good chunk of oddly shaped fruit leftovers to deal with afterwards. That’s when I got this brilliant idea: Why not blend it into a fine melon slush and add a splash of alcohol? Here’s what I did (and what I recommend that you don’t):

Honeydew Melon Cocktail (makes about four cocktails)

  • 1 very ripe honeydew melon (to make sure, check if it has that honey-scent before you buy it – or leave it to ripen in the sun for a few days  – that helped in my case). Feel free to try out other types too. I bet this would also be great with a water melon. Found this instructional video for picking out the right melon at the shop.
  • 3-4 generous splashes of alcohol (I used rum, but T and I agreed that a less sweet type of alcohol would suit the melon much better. Next time I am going to try vodka or gin. Let me know if you find the perfect match.)
  • 3-4 squeezes of lemon juice
  • Raspberries and lemon zest for serving

It’s dead simple. Obviously you don’t have to melon-ball it to use this recipe. Just cut the melon in halves and scoop out the flesh with a good spoon or slice it out with a knife, making sure to scrape off all of that beautiful juice on the inside of the skin. I ended up squeezing it like a lemon and it just kept on giving. Then add the melon bits and juice to a bowl and blend it into a fine slush. Finally add lemon juice and alcohol to your liking. Decorate with raspberries and lemon zest and serve as cold as possible. I am thinking it might even be good to freeze the melon flesh beforehand and blend it into an icy slush. Come to think of it, if you are having a party, try leaving your cocktail glasses in the freezer for about an hour ahead of serving. Enjoy!