Foodblogging for Dummies

Reading over other foodie blogs and sites, I’ve come to realize that it’s a common problem for all of us to talk about ourselves (you’ve gotta wonder why we do this “meme” to ourselves). And seeing that so many others have experienced the same hesitation that I do, only they first experienced it years ago, I really feel like a total sophomore in the school of blogging. And on top of that all of those self-acclaimed “amateur” chefs in the foodie-blog-site-business never miss
an opportunity to advertise for their top selling cook books. Now that’s high treason in my book. First they lull you into this false comfort with words like “amateur” and sentences such as “oh I try to cook and learn from my mistakes” (yada yada…). When it’s painfully obvious that they are pros. Equally painfully obvious is the fact that I’m just jealous and feel terribly alone in the realm of gastronomic midgets, so let me get this straight once and for all: I AM a real bona fide amateur cook, so to all of you like-minded foodies whose abilities in the kitchen don’t quite match your ambition (yet) feel welcome and understood on Eye Candy. Join me in deflating soufflées, oversalting stews and cooking fancy meat dry as a bone. Just look at my silly picture – I’m one of the real, if only slightly nutty, people.