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So, I haven’t exactly been a regular at this joint recently and I’m very sorry about that. As a way of apologising, I’ve decided to introduce a new game on Velbekomme. It’s called, yes you’ve guessed it, Food Gambling! Part of the reason for my absence is a visit I made recently to the capital of Latvia: Riga. There I had a great old time, especially the part where I tried to guess what I put in my hamper at the local supermarket. Because as you might know, Latvian isn’t exactly my second language. That’s why I am asking you to join in on my quest for goodies by guessing what this funny looking wrapper is hiding from the naked eye… First, take a good look at the picture for any hints, then exercise your right to vote below and finally, click the “read full post” thing to see the results. Cheerio!

What kind of snack is this?

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A sweet cream cheese snack covered in caramel sauce! (At least that’s what I gathered from the one bite I dared to try before I remembered that I had taken the product from the refrigerated shelf at the supermarket and had kept it for two days at room temperature before opening it…). It’s not that is was bad or anything, just a very unpleasant surprise in the mouth: Lukewarm and sweet cheese isn’t exactly my idea of a great treat. Maybe if I had kept it cool…