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Food Gambling #3

Are you feeling like a real dare-devil today? I sure hope so, because this is gonna be a dirty ride into the hitherto unknown regions of foreign weird-ass candy. This time take a good, hard look at the snack above and then vote in the poll. Ready, set, go!

What's in this "Gotinas, Glazets Sierins"-snack?

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What we’ve got here is what I would call a “A chocolate covered cream/cottage cheese bar containing grated rye bread”. The thing is, seeing as I don’t have a full grasp of Latvian (or even a pinch) it’s kinda hard to figure out just what the hell is going on in the food department. All I know is, there was a whole lotta sweet cheesus going around in their cake and candy selection. And this was a bit like the first Food Gambling treat, actually not that bad, but a bit strangely yeasty behind all of the sweet and yoghurty sourness of it all. Maybe if I had stored it properly and tried it before the “best before” date, I might have enjoyed it.