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Food Gambling # 2 | Velbekomme

22 Apr 2010

Food Gambling # 2

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Are you ready for the next round of Food Gambling? By now I’m sure you know, that it’s not always safe to judge a snack by its wrapping. However, that is exactly what I want you to do. Look at this Latvian snack and give me your best bet as to what it might contain. Here are your options:

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Yup – it’s a grainy cheap tasting nougat bar. On trying it I had this sneaky feeling that they had wiped the floor at some factory and chucked the dirt into a humongous pot of EU-rejected milk chocolate, squeezed the mixture into the shape of a bar and covered it in more rejected chocolate. A disgrace, I tell you.

And yet I ate it all and didn’t look back.

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One Response to “Food Gambling # 2”

  1. Silas Bo says:

    Gdamit …those hazelnut-like drawings fooled me. Stupid foreign candy!

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