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Flødeboller – Chocolate Class at A XOCO

Somehow I neglected to post the results of my hard labour at the A XOCO chocolate class several months ago. But now I’m setting things straight. So here I am, posting the results.

As you might know, I’m a happy member of the Danish Chocolate Society (Chokoladeselskabet). The best part of that is taking the many different classes they offer on their programme. That includes chocolate tasting, the annual chocolate festival and then the baking and chocolate truffle making of course. I’ve done two courses at my favourite chocolate shop in Frederiksberg and both of them have been every chocolate lover’s wet dream. Getting to play around with their ingredients (all sorts of spices, fruit purees, liqueurs, decorative dusting powder etc.) and their gadgets (mostly truffle trays in all shapes and my biggest love of all time: the chocolate tap that sent out tempered chocolate at the whim of one’s foot on a pedal!) was just amazing. And I can’t believe that I managed to forget my freaking camera both times! I wanted soooo badly to show you how the tiny round chocolate bases were topped with little mountains of meringue filling and placed on a running tray and taken through the chocolate shower. That must be one of the world’s most beautiful man-made things ever! Anyway, here are the results of our endevour. At the end of the class we always share our products so we get to taste everyone’s choice of flavour and design. Mine is the one with the golddusted aniseed on top because I made a salty liquorice filling on a base of lime-zested marcipan. Which turned out really delicious if I may say so misself (and I may, seeing as that is the whole point of being a blogger). Everyone should try taking such a class (it’s a one-nighter) before heading for the grave. And why not do it while your taste buds are at their best?