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First Impressions at Madbloggersymposium 2010 | Velbekomme

30 Aug 2010

First Impressions at Madbloggersymposium 2010

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Ok, so I went to see my fellow foodbloggers on Nordatlantens Brygge this weekend and what would you know, they kinda looked like me! They all had two legs, heads were intact and they had a language to match. But what I hadn’t expected was the general feeling that almost everyone (with a few very nice exceptions) seemed a bit wary of each other. And not in the way one would expect.

From time to time it felt like sitting in the waiting room of a job interview, where everyone is friendly on the surface but underneath that either preoccupied with the big sales pitch ahead or sizing up the competition. It struck me that maybe we aren’t that social after all. Maybe Trine-Maria Kristensen (the specialist in social media who spoke at the foodbloggersymposium) was actually wrong in dismissing the “bloggers-are-too-self-centered-to-master-human- interaction” notion.  I at least heard of several instances where a blogger came up to another blogger only to have his or her comment silenced by a monosyllabic answer.

Come on guys, we can do better than that! It’s not a competition but a network, remember? We should be sharing our faults in order to learn from each other and get better at this game. At least that’s what I expected from my experience with foodbloggers from other countries. Share the love, people!

If I’m jumping to conclusions here, please set me straight. I’d love nothing more than to be wrong on this one.

That all being said, I still had a wonderful time and found the whole weekend very stimulating.

Thanks for a great time Rasmus & Marie!

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6 Responses to “First Impressions at Madbloggersymposium 2010”

  1. Kære Heidi!

    Det er en ret interessant vinkel, du anlægger! Jeg kan godt følge din stemningstolkning; men jeg er lidt i tvivl om, hvorvidt konklusionen er rigtig.

    Måske skyldtes atmosfæren blot, at der var en masse mennesker, der sådan halvkendte hinanden fra livet online. Det kan ofte gi’ lidt akavede overtoner, synes jeg, når venskaberne skal stå deres prøve face en face.

    Derudover så er der måske også en grund til, at man vælger at blogge frem for at leve passionen ud i mad- og vinklubber. At der måske er en overrepræsentation af folk med lidt mere introverte motivationskilder.

    Måske — eller også _var_ det et benhårdt darwinistisk udskillelsesløb, vi stod midt i! Selvom det nu ikke føltes sådan under broen :)

    Alt godt,


    ps! endnu engang tomlen meget opad for din engelske formuleringsevne!

  2. Rasmus says:

    Lise “Kage! Kage! Kage!” Lotz calling Marie and myself “friendly egg whites” in her own sweet commentary on the Saturday conference set aside, yours is definitely the most unexpected criticism of the event I’ve seen so far. Nice :-)

    Now, being the organizer I guess I’m technically biased in at least half a dosen ways, so I’ll leave any setting straight up to someone else. I will, however, state the claim that there is an incredible amount of community feeling and social capital build in the gastronomical blogosphere COMPARED to that of traditional media.

    After seven years as a full time food and wine writer for various printed publications I have seen plenty of the intrigue and professional zeal that thrive in the realm of lifestyle journalism.

    Maybe it’s just starry-eyed, old me, but when I looked around the room at Madbloggersymposium, I saw only respectful mutual recognition of our shared participation in the hottest movement within food communication since the invention of the chocolate fountain. Slightly timid and tiptoeing about, perhaps, but isn’t that the Danish way?

    If you felt that the bloggers’ social commitment on Saturday was less than explosive, please take people’s enormous demographic spectrum into account. We had all shapes and sizes; specifically in terms of insight into gastronomy and the art of its mediation. To me, much of the beauty lay in that particular diversity. And its challenges.

    Glad you had a nice time, and I hope to see you around.


  3. Kerry says:

    Hi Heidi,

    I appreciate your frank account of the event last weekend. I must say I enjoyed the symposium immensely, but was at the same also a little disappointed that I didn’t get to know more of the other bloggers. I did experience, as you mention, trying to break the ice and being met with little response at times. I guess it is a little down to ‘the Danish way’ as Rasmus puts it and not something we should take personally (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway ;-)

    I’m really hoping that more of the bloggers that were present will join the Twitter community. I find that to be an excellent way to establish/maintain contact in a very informal way. I’m sure if more of the Danish food bloggers were on Twitter, it would be SO much easier to mingle the next time we meet up :)

    I was very glad that, despite fatigue, I decided to show up for the Grønch on Sunday. There I found that the ice had been broken a little by Saturday’s activities and the people I met that morning seemed much friendlier. That meant that I went home on Sunday with a better feeling than the day before.

    Finally, I have to say you, Kristina, Louise, Mia and Mogens were great company to sit with under the bridge on Saturday night and I really hope we get the chance to do that again!

    Take care

  4. Louilicious says:

    I must say I’m surprised to read that, that was your experience! Unlike you, I didn’t experience that ‘hostility’ you’re describing. Maybe it’s just me, but I talked to a lot of people that day/evening, and did not find it that everybody else was that introvert.. on the contrary! But as Rasmus very correctly states about the demographic spectrum in terms of gastronomy, we must take it into account.

    But, it was great to meet you!

    Likewise Kerry!

  5. Heidi says:

    Kære Kasper, Rasmus, Kerry og Louise

    Mange tak for jeres kommentarer, som jeg bestemt er enig i på mange punkter. Jeg kan se i dag, at nogle af mine ord godt kunne virke lidt mere sort/hvide, end de var tænkt. Jeg håber dog ikke, at mit indlæg bliver tolket som en konklusion. Det var bestemt ikke meningen fra min side – snarere var det et åbent oplæg, som jeg gerne ville have perspektiveret af en større mængde “empiri”, end jeg som enkeltperson har kunnet indsamle. Og det lader til at være lykkedes.

    Flere af jer har bemærket, at der nok har været en særlig “danskhed” på spil, og det ville jeg under andre omstændigheder have forventet mig af en konference af den størrelse. Jeg havde bare en naiv forestilling om, at man blandt med-bloggere kunne skære lige gennem flødeskummet og ind til kagen med det samme;-)

    Alt i alt glæder det mig meget, at mit eget indtryk ikke gør sig gældende hos jer andre. Så hvis jeg ikke har skræmt alle væk på forhånd, ser jeg frem til at opleve “second impressions”.



    PS: Så fik vi da skudt gang i debatten!

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