First Impressions at Madbloggersymposium 2010

Ok, so I went to see my fellow foodbloggers on Nordatlantens Brygge this weekend and what would you know, they kinda looked like me! They all had two legs, heads were intact and they had a language to match. But what I hadn’t expected was the general feeling that almost everyone (with a few very nice exceptions) seemed a bit wary of each other. And not in the way one would expect.

From time to time it felt like sitting in the waiting room of a job interview, where everyone is friendly on the surface but underneath that either preoccupied with the big sales pitch ahead or sizing up the competition. It struck me that maybe we aren’t that social after all. Maybe Trine-Maria Kristensen (the specialist in social media who spoke at the foodbloggersymposium) was actually wrong in dismissing the “bloggers-are-too-self-centered-to-master-human- interaction” notion.  I at least heard of several instances where a blogger came up to another blogger only to have his or her comment silenced by a monosyllabic answer.

Come on guys, we can do better than that! It’s not a competition but a network, remember? We should be sharing our faults in order to learn from each other and get better at this game. At least that’s what I expected from my experience with foodbloggers from other countries. Share the love, people!

If I’m jumping to conclusions here, please set me straight. I’d love nothing more than to be wrong on this one.

That all being said, I still had a wonderful time and found the whole weekend very stimulating.

Thanks for a great time Rasmus & Marie!