Dear Diary,…

As of today, I’m responding to a challenge I was given by a somewhat patronizing guy, who thought he had all the answers, didn’t quite and yet managed to come up with a good idea: why not make a food journal? Some of you may think that’s what I’m already doing, but really, so far this blog has been more of a résumé than an actual honest account of all the food I eat, trashy as well as delicious. If you too like to browse food blogs and feel in awe of their high standards of eating, don’t for one moment think they never experience moments of weakness or laziness.

I for one am pretty darn sure it won’t all be pretty what I’ll be reporting to you during the next week. In the beginning I will restrict myself to dinner and see how I go. Then, if I find the time and nerve, I might even branch out to breakfast and lunch (oh the horror!). Will return later when I’ve had dinner and tell you all the gory details of me cutting culinary corners or cooking cutting edge food.