Day One: Catering to the Needy

These days my poor boyfriend is looking more and more exhausted as he is toiling over the final bits of his thesis. I did the same thing exactly a year ago, but certainly haven’t forgotten the very draining experience. That’s why I decided to give his usual serving of cup noodles a day off last night, and deliver a real home cooked meal to his reading-room in town. Since most shops are closed on Sundays, I just tried to make the best of the leftovers I had and what better way to dress up all but stale food, than to turn it into a beautiful Frittata? Here’s how to do it:

Set your oven to 250 degrees. Then fry 200 grams of sliced mushrooms in olive oil spiced with crushed garlic, fresh thyme and sage. Add salt and pepper (S&P) to suit your taste and set the pan aside. Meanwhile take about two handfuls of frozen spinach and heat them up in a saucepan with grated nutmeg, white pepper and salt. Set that aside too. Then mix up four whole eggs, a splash of milk, S&P and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Put a cast iron pan onto the heat, melt a knob of butter, then pour the egg mixture into it. Arrange the mushrooms, spinach and two freshly sliced spring onions in the eggs and leave to cook until it’s slightly firm along the sides. Then sprinkle grated Emmenthaler cheese over it and leave it in the oven until the colour is nice and appetizing and the whole Frittata is firm. NOTE: only use a pan, that can definitely stand the heat. When it’s done, leave it to cool and serve a slice with buttered rye bread (not in the pic above). Needless to say, my boyfriend was very pleased, but then again, I was only up against cup noodles..