Danish Delights

Danish Delights: (Twisted) Rice Pudding

(Note: Just added the above shot of “risengrød” complete with styling and everything. Which photo do you prefer? Am leaving both in there to document the progress/downfall of my blog.)
Today I’m going to do the food-blogger equivalent of hara-kiri and post a picture that didn’t pass the hotness-test I subject all of my cooking to (meaning that every photo I’ve posted so far is Blake-Lively-and-Scarlett-Johansson-making-out-hot). It’s the famous rice pudding or “risengrød”, that is a favourite of many a Danish person. And to non-Danes living here more like a nice dessert we strangely choose to call dinner as Irish food blogger Kerry pointed out to me the other day. Anyway, it’s basically an Arborio-type rice we call “grødris” (porridge/pudding rice) that’s slow-cooked in full cream milk (at least in my version) with a pinch of salt and some vanilla sugar (again, in my version). Finally, we like to serve it with a little pool of melted butter in the middle and sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar. Very nice and extremely efficient comfort food.

The reason I dare myself to post a not up to par photo, is that I had this fantastic epiphany complete with angel choir and inexplicably bright lights descending on me: “Why not add some freshly ground coffee beans to that?” And so I did and it was really, really nice. The intense milkiness just lit up with the onsprinkling of the coffee and now I want you all to try it immediately! Just writing about it makes me salivate for more.