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Danish Delights: Hindbærsnitter

The above is a “hindbærsnitte” or “raspberry slice” directly translated. But oh – the amount of fun you miss out on with a simple translation like that! It’s not so much the raspberry part, because a raspberry is a raspberry (is a raspberry). It’s the “snitte”, which incidentally is my favourite word these days. First of all it can mean anything sliced, be it a slice of “smørrebrød” – the open-faced sandwich for which Danes are so famous. Or something sweet, such as a “makronsnitte” (a very sweet, baked, sliced goodie with macaroon and apple) or “walessnitte” (a slice of choux pastry, sometimes with white icing and red currant jelly). My favourite though is when it’s used with reference to fingers. Hence, “keep your fingers off the hindbærsnitter!” would be “hold snitterne fra hindbærsnitterne!”. Wonderful, right? Finally, there’s the snitte-twice-removed, which is when it means a foxy lady: “Now that’s one delicious little cupcake!” = “Se det er en lækker lille snitte!”. Also: A little bird just reminded me that a snitte can also refer to a line of coke. So there you have it. Not even Meryl Streep is that versatile. But I guess it doesn’t make you any the wiser as to the actual concept of the “hindbærsnitte”.

It’s quite similar to Pop-Tarts, only it’s good, homemade, and does not go in the toaster. Basically a crumbly vanilla biscuit sandwich with a rasperry jam filling and white icing and sprinkles on top – a sugar rush like no other. Traditionally it’s made in large “plates” of dough which are sliced into individual sandwiches. I chose to use a large cookie cutter to make two round disks for every sandwich and top it with an icing made from icing sugar, water, and powdered blackcurrant. The sprinkles are from the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn and go by the delightful name “Discodip”. Makes me happy every single time I reach for the little container in my cupboard.

Sandwich layers

I used some leftover dough from a tart crust. The recipe used is for “pasta frolla” and comes from my favorite foodie magazine Gourmet Traveller (great styling and an incredible success rate recipe-wise). It makes a large ball of dough so I always have a bit leftover in the freezer. Perfect for making hindbærsnitter! Roll out the dough to 3-4 mm and either cut individual shapes or bake as two whole plates of dough at around 180 degrees Celcius until light brown and crisp (maybe 10-15 mins). Leave to cool completely before adding the icing and raspberry filling.


I used a store-bought raspberry jam, as I do not have much time for baking these days. Make sure to get a decent jam since the filling is the centre of attention here. I used the Änglamark organic raspberry jam which is quite good for an industrial product. If you decide to make it yourself, be sure to make it on the thick side, as too much moisture will turn the cookies soggy in no time.


Mix icing sugar, a few drops of water and powdered blackcurrant (optional) into a thick paste. Cover the top half of the biscuit sandwiches and add sprinkles, nuts, cocoa nibs etc.

Enjoy immediately or the next day. They do not age terribly well.