Cooking for Guys, Plating for Girls

It occurred to me that maybe there are more similarities between food and sex than we think. Not that I particularly feel like talking about sex here, but if you’ll just bear with me for a moment I will get to my point eventually and you’ll see that it was about food all along.

In my experience, there is this general (and admittedly very clichéd) difference between the two sexes and their approach to food. Mind you, with what I am going to say I can already hear the objections coming from all of the female exceptions to my theory (as well as anyone else who will rightfully point out that I am terribly old fashioned in my observations). Anyway, it goes like this: An average guy’s appetite tends towards rustic, meaty, filling dishes without too many frills, while the average girl likes variety, smaller dishes and not necessarily a huge slab of meat on the plate. And here’s where the sex business comes into the equation. When two people of the opposite sex are flirting at a random bar, the sexual images in their minds are probably something along the lines of this:

In the guy’s head: rustic (sex can take place anywhere, as long as it takes place), meaty (“I like a girl I can grab without feeling her bones”) and filling without frilling (satisfaction without foreplay). In the girl’s place: well, I guess you’ve got the gist of it by now. Come to think of it, maybe this is where my theory starts to crumble.

Be that as it may, tonight I thought I’d cook something for both sexes. Meatballs and an oven baked tomato sauce. A very guysey dish, but plated in a tiny portion and plenty of little frills. The recipe was a free interpretation of this old post.