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Crispy Chicken Skin Butter

As part of my anniversary bonanza (I kinda hate that word but nothing else seems to say “it’s party time and there’s free 80s cocktails for everyone” quite like bonanza) I’ll be splurting out a whopping three posts in one day so get seated, there’s more to come. Such as the bread companion above: Crispy-Chicken-Skin-Butter (yup – that’s what I choose to call this treat. Get used to it!).

This is a thing I first tasted at the gourmet restaurant in Dragsholm Slot (slot=castle) and when I had chicken recently, I finally remembered to save the skin for this butter. Even though there are no exact measures, you really can’t miss with this recipe. Just use the ol’ tastebuds.

Crispy Chicken Skin Butter

  • Cooked chicken skin (from yesterday’s roast or similar)
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Butter
  • Chicken stock (make the most of the chicken bones: boil up your own stock)
  • Sea salt

You don’t have to take the best, most crispy, golden skin bits from your chicken. Just use the boringly grey and flabby stuff that tends to end up on the side of the plate “for later”. Heat some rapeseed oil in a pan, add a bit of sea salt and fry the skin until it’s crispy and golden. Now this is a dangerously addictive snack in itself, but seeing as it shrivels into nothing on the pan, the butter is a much better way of stretching the flavour. Let the crispy chicken skin drip off on a paper towel and chop it into little bits. In a separate bowl, take the wanted amount of butter and churn it until soft (or leave it out until it reaches room temp), add a tablespoon or two of cold stock along with the crispy skin and mix it well. Season with more salt and stock if needed. Finally, move the butter into a small and shallow cup or bowl and scrape the surface flat with a metal spatula. Refrigerate until dinner’s ready and you serve it along with freshly baked bread as nibbles.