Breakfast Returns

I realise the title sounds like a euphemism for food poisoning. But that’s not where I’m going with this. I’m just trying to show you how I bounced back from this marvelous breakfast served on the morning of my birthday.

Tough act to follow, no? So for T’s birthday I wrecked my poor old brain for a new spin on cheese and eggs and came up with this: Golden parmesan and gruyère gougères with goat cheese-scrambled eggs. Whole lotta g’s and cheese in there and they were not half bad either. And notice the clever tactics in using the exact same plate as T did on my b-day (well, not so much tactics as bare necessity).

For the gougères, I used this recipe from 101cookbooks. The only changes I made were to substitute the whole wheat flour with corn flour and stir the batter for quite a while longer than I usually do with choux-type batters. The result was a very light, yet crusty and sturdy batch of gougères that stayed in perfect shape until they were all gone 2-3 days later. One thing that makes this choice particularly well-suited for breakfast is the fact that you can pipe the finished batter onto a baking tray and freeze them up to a week in advance. Then, 20 mins before baking them, take them out of the freezer and place them on a baking tray to thaw.

As for the scramble, it was just one of those fling-togethers of eggs, milk, cream, leftover cheeses from the gougères, goat cheese, salt & pepper. I would not dare to put up a recipe based on that intuitive fumbling, only recommend that you don’t overcook it and add the cheese towards the end. And don’t forget the chives on top. Really makes a difference.