Blogger Tête-à-Tête in Copenhagen

What the Dickens is this “Bayerisch Hollertrüffel”? Tell me, tell me now!

Why a softly-melting elderberry truffle of course! This was one of two very delicious presents from fellow blogger Nicky from Munich with whom I met up in August. She and her partner were in Copenhagen for a food-related assignment and luckily they had time to sqeeze in a dinner with T and I. What a great opportunity so see a like-minded foodie, and to present her with as many aspects of the Danish cuisine as possible in one meal! Quite a challenge too, and after many wanderings through my collection of eateries in the city, I finally settled on Meyer’s Deli on Gl. Kongevej. Thank Chocolate I did, because they were very happy with the choice. And can you believe it – we had “rødgrød med fløde” the old Danish tongue twister of a dessert which is a scrumptious red berry “compôte” with fresh cream!

Anyway, it was really great to experience once more (we’ve met before) how a shared interest can give people a shortcut to an eager conversation despite the fact that we were almost strangers. That and we could talk more in depth about food, in particular about some secret tips to making the perfect pizza crust (my lips are sealed), than I ever would with even my oldest and most food-loving friends.

Thanks for that, Internet. I owe you one!

I you’ve also had real-life, physical contact with people you’ve met on the internet, tell me how it went (paedophiles and politicians needn’t reply). Was it great, awkward or steaming hot? Could you recognise the virtual personality in the flesh? And were there any gifts involved?