Blog ‘n Roll

To all of you hesitant cooks out there who prefer the comfort of a well known recipe, here’s a way to renew the safe bet. I just tried to foccaccia-up my basic roll recipe (that I’ve already aired in my “Roll Over Beethoven” post) and it worked like a charm. Here’s how you do it:

Make the basic roll dough and add a teaspoon of lightly roasted herbes de Provence. After it has risen properly, put a small tablespoon of the mixture into each muffin cup.

Then take half a tin of preserved tomatoes and add the spices you like. I just used the pre-spiced kind and added one clove of garlic and a bit of salt.

Squash it up until you get an even sauce and pour half a tablespoon onto each blob of dough. Top it off with grated Emmenthaler cheese and gently press the topping into the dough. When that’s done just sprinkle some olive oil and oregano over them
and bake for 20 mins. at 225 degrees Celcius. And voilà, there are your old rolls in a new disguise!