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A Trip Down Bagel Lane

Once upon a time, when I was but a brooding teenager fooling around in the kitchen in my childhood home, I suddenly felt adventurous. What might happen, if I strayed from the narrow path of making the same chocolate cake from NESA’s cookbook in a million variations and tried something daring, something new? This adventurous spirit coupled with the memory of a certain ready-to-heat coffee and chocolate bagel from Hattings Bageri, made me dig out a recipe for that wonder of a dumpling-like ring. It was an instant success and yet I didn’t manage to return to bagel-baking until about a month ago (18 years later).

It’s the easiest thing in the world to make and such a delightful experience when the dough goes from being baptized in boiling water and bounces back, reborn and in a chewier shape than ever. Here’s the recipe from Sophisticated Gourmet – I didn’t really change much. The toppings are a combination of sesame and caraway seeds and almond flakes. Next time, I’m going to add some chocolate and coffee so I can be thrown back into that chair in my parents’ kitchen with one single bite. (Notice how I didn’t mention that blasted Madeleine cake…Damn! Just did it anyway!)


Before: Spongy and pasty white – not unlike certain people on the beach:


After: Tanned and beautiful. Ready to meet their maker: