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The Velbekomme Team | Velbekomme

Meet us

What does this “velbekomme” mean?

The short answer is that it is the Danish equivalent of the French expression “bon appétit”. The longer answer is that “vel” means “well” and “-bekomme” in this context means “to please” as in “this pleases me”. The two most common uses of the word are:

1) When you have done someone a favour or paid them a compliment and they say thank you – you reply “velbekomme” as in “you’re welcome”.

2) When you’re about to embark on a meal and the host says: “Velbekomme” as in “may this please you well”.

Someone in the food industry once asked me with some contempt why on earth I had chosen a Danish name for a blog in English. At that point I was not really expecting having to defend my choices since A: my mouth was full of sashimi and B: this is just a blog and something I have fun with, so I don’t wan’t everything to make sense. But actually it was a conscious choice, and I have since wanted to let that insolent person spoiling my lunch know that it is my aim to pass on a bit of my own culture (Danish as well as Australian – since I’m a 50/50 blend of both) to whatever readers I have. Velbekomme!


Hunni Frank

Sales Representative

With years of experience in the fashion industry, working as an agent for Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney, Hunni Frank has finally decided to return to her native Denmark and settle down. Luckily she shares our passion for gastronomy and wanted to lend her sales talent to a new area altogether. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging around the lakes in Copenhagen and on Saturdays she takes her partner Martin antiquing in the countryside. Contact Hunni for info on ad space on Velbekomme at +45 3543 1350.


Heidi Svømmekjær

Founder & Author of Velbekomme

Welcome to my own alternative dimension. This is where I perform open brain surgery on myself in order to let you in on my food revelations. Most of the words, food and photographs on this site were born right here in my apartment on Østerbro in Copenhagen. The rest is part of my nosy existence in the world. When I’m not thinking of food (I can do both actually), I’m a postdoc in cultural studies with a focus on radio history at the University of Copenhagen.  I’m 34 going on 16 and live with my boyfriend who’s just as food crazy as I am. Together, we have a waist width of 152 centimetres so I like to think there’s room for a lot more.

Feel free to print our recipes and join in on the comments. Thanks for stopping by and come see us again!



Silas Bo

Web design & Support

Silas is a wandering spirit who has climbed many a mountain and entered countless exclusive social circles in his time. However, after a nervous breakdown in 2004 he prefers to work at home, where he comes up with great creative solutions to Heidi’s website demands. On his days off, Silas likes to work through the volumes of Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past” (in English – after all, he’s not a pretentious ass) and can’t live without the yoga sessions on his favourite mat, a thoughtful present from Bono. Please direct all web-related inquiries to Silas at +45 4142 0098.

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10 Responses to “Meet us”

  1. cecilia vinkel says:

    I have missed Hunni so much!!!! Is she on FB?

  2. Heidi says:

    No – Hunni’s not really into the social media hype, but she does make real life house calls, especially if they involve Janosch Traumstunde…

  3. helmut Philipowski says:

    Do you guys make t-shirts too?

  4. Heidi says:

    Not anymore, though we had a great run in the 90s with our “Went to the Gay Parade and all I got was this T-shirt”.

  5. helmut Philipowski says:


  6. Hej,

    Vi har lanserat den populära svenska sajten HittaRecept.se i Danmark som Findeopskrifter.dk.

    Vi såg att du har goda recept i din blogg (http://www.velbekomme.com/) och vi rekommenderar att du tittar runt på sajten och kikar på “Madblogtoppen” på Findeopskrifter.dk.

    Vill du vara med och få dina recept indexerade på sajten så behöver du bara registrera dig på http://www.findeopskrifter.dk/kom-med-i-madblogstoppen och embedda din kod för att mäta statistik så är du med!

    Här kan du se hur många som är med i den svenska Matbloggstoppen på HittaRecept.se – http://www.hittarecept.se/matbloggstoppen

    Förhoppningsvis kan just din blogg ligga etta på Madblogtoppen!

    Vänlig hälsning,

    Vi på Findeopskrifter.dk och HittaRecept.se

  7. Dorthea says:

    Hey I loved your recipe for Flødeboller! I have a good friend from america who came to Denmark over last summer and loved our specialties, especially lagkage og Flødeboller! I have been looking around but haven’t been able to find recipe for lagkage buns and lagkage in English, would you be able to post one? It should be a totally classic one with kagecreme, fruit and whipped creme. Keep up the good work


  8. Heidi says:

    Hi Dorthe!

    Thank you for your comment – I’m very pleased that you liked the post on flødeboller. It’s also something I’ve got to make again soon. Such satisfying work!
    Anyway, I don’t have a lagkage recipe handy right now, but I do have parts of it ready, such as the cake layers, so I will take you up on your challenge and see what I can do about it, as soon as I’m back from my holidays. Until then, maybe your American friend would like to try fødselsdagsboller, the classic way
    Click here: Fødselsdagsboller (birthday rolls)



  9. Would love to “talk” with you about the culinary guide to Denmark I am working on for the Eat Smart series published here in the US! I love your blog, and have just looked through every single entry. Very impressive!
    All my best,
    Carol Schroeder
    Madison, WI USA

  10. Heidi says:

    Hi Carol

    Thanks! I am very pleased to hear that you like my blog since I’m just as susceptible to flattery as the next guy. Anyway, I’ll write to you from my private email and we can “talk there.

    Kind regards,


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