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August, 2016 | Velbekomme

2 Aug 2016

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Sorry for my absence – I’ve been multiplying…

Yes, you read it. I had a baby last year. She’s called Sonja, is 11 months old and sparkly as hell. I’m absolutely certain some fairy sneezed on her at some point. But lord is she a time stealer! I keep being surprised about the year that someone snatched away from me whenever I try to do the old “how long ago was this and that”. I always need to add an extra year, which I spent in the alternate dimension called parenthood. Or should I say babyhood, since I hope that it’s more of a passing thing, connected to maternity leave and the uncertainty of baby routines. But don’t expect anymore baby pics on Velbekomme anytime soon. For all my own online presence and hardcore pushing of my personal brand, somehow I cannot bring myself to enter our radiant little one into the mix. It’s like that stereotype about indigenous people who think that a camera flash will steal their soul. But you will probably notice some changes in the future. A lot less time for writing and elaborate baking projects and more fighting to get just a little kitchen fix in-between Sonja’s naps, doing the laundry, cleaning etc. If you’re up for it, I’m game, so let’s get started on the new Velbekomme, post-partem!

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