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January, 2012 | Velbekomme

25 Jan 2012

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Recipe Tryout: Lorraine Pascale’s Lemon and Blueberry Millefeuille

This Saturday we invited a couple of friends over for dinner and some silly-time. It was a great excuse to go mad in the kitchen and so we skipped our fancy plans of museums and bicycle browsing in favor of shopping and cooking. Just my kind of Saturday.

First thing I did was to go through the folder of recipes I compiled during my recent months of BBC iPlayer-addiction. Luckily I found Lorraine Pascale’s lemon and blueberry millefeuille: Flaky caramelised puff pastry gently sandwiching vanilla cream, lemon and blueberry.

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24 Jan 2012

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Our Scandi Kitchen

Since I’ve been back from London, I’ve been amazed at the effects of “the tourist vision” as I like to call it. You know, when you’ve been away from your country and have been regarding every phenomenon you encounter as part of a strange and wonderful culture and then suddenly you turn those goggles on your own life. Before the effect wears off completely, I want to share this view from our kitchen which I think looks rather Danish: Bicycles, bare brick buildings, quaint old courtyard and then the lampshade as something of a centre piece. Having read this short article in The Guardian on the lampshade fetishism in the Danish TV-series “Borgen” (currently airing on the BBC), it makes me chuckle how in line we are. Just one blonde chick short of the cliché.

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8 Jan 2012

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Back in Baby’s Arms (well, not yet, but getting there)

As my days in London are drawing to an end, I find myself building a mental list of things to cook in my darling kitchen when I get back. One thing I really can’t wait to try out, is this wonderful addition to the machine park, that T gave me for Christmas. I only managed to use her once before flying back to old Blighty: Ain’t she a beaut?

Picture borrowed from Kunst & Køkkentøj

We’ve been eyeing this Waring blender for years now, every time leaving the store convinced that this is the right buy, then inevitably deciding that it is too expensive, that we are not quite “those people” yet, who lash out 1800 DKK for an appliance. But now that we are, I’d love to hear what you’d use this baby for, if she were yours. Do you know any great soups, smoothies, cocktails, sauces etc, that will be even more smashing after a couple of minutes in her deadly embrace?

SOUNDTRACK TO THIS POST: I failed to embed it properly without Silas Bo at hand, so you’ll have to leave this page, but I know you’ll be back: Enjoy some Patsy.

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