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21 Dec 2009

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Sweet Pickled Red Onions

There’s just nothing like sharing a great roast with the whole family. But let’s be honest, the roast alone won’t do. Without the right condiments, eating meat can end up being a very bland experience: Brown, grey and red-ish grey. So try this out as a little splash of colour on the plate. And when these babies are done, you will have replaced the pungent onionyness with a sweet pink flavour and colour. They go perfectly with lamb, poultry, game, roasts in general and can easily sex up a sandwich of left-overs. Have you tried piling up the cutlets from yesterday’s roast on an Italian bread roll along with some chilimayo, tomatoes, pickled red onions, fresh cilantro etc? Well now’s your chance.

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17 Dec 2009

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The Hidden Benefits of Climate Change

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Ho ho hoo, just look what Santa Claus brought us the other day! The greatest little box of goodies with some nice old school graphic details on the cover. Just opening the box and smelling the colourful chocolate rings sent me smack right back to my childhood. Not that we had any of these “Tannenbaumkränze” back then, but similar little chocolate buttons covered in coloured sprinklings. By the way, when I said Santa Claus, I might have lied a little.

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1 Dec 2009

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Welcome to the Other Side!

Hi there folks! Whether you’ve travelled here from my old blog or are a first time visitor I welcome you, yes I do. Great to see you here and I hope we’ll spend lots of time trying out recipes and learning from our mistakes. Enjoy!